If you are anything like me, one of the most frustrating things to decide upon is where to have a business meeting or get work done. As if coordinating schedules isn’t enough, finding a nice place to meet on a cheap budget doesn’t always come easy. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can always have the perfect spot for whatever kind of business you are trying to accomplish. Below are six places that you can get work done or have a business meeting for free.

The Local Library

Gone are the days of libraries with the dated Dewey Decimal System and card catalog. Modern day libraries come complete with state of the art meeting spaces, high speed internet, and even cafes. Many also offer private sound proof work and meeting rooms as well that you can reserve for limited times. Not only will you have access to numerous of free resources and books, but also have a great workspace to use the resources.

Your Local College

I absolutely loved my college experience and now that I have graduated, I still love it. Why? Because as a proud alumnus, I get the opportunity to use the student center as a meeting and work space. Many colleges offer alumni perks on campus for those who were strong enough to graduate from the school. Some of these perks can include alumni-only areas on campus for meeting. Feel free to contact your alma mater to see if they have rooms or meeting spaces you can use to get work done.

A Hotel Lobby

Cost: Free (may want to buy something out of courtesy)

Many large hotels have a variety of amenities available to the general public in their lobbies. From free guest wifi to even upscale cafes, these hotels make great places to meet with someone or get work done. Some five star hotels even offer other amenities such as restaurants, spas and live entertainment.

Apartment Guest House

If you or someone you know currently lives in an upscale apartment home, this could be a great place to work, study, or simply get together with friends. More modern guesthouses can accommodate multiple people. Along with hi speed internet and study areas, some guest houses even offer full kitchens, coffee bars, and places to work out.

Community Centers

Every major public park usually has a community center. Many of these centers offer great spaces to conduct business. Community centers are all about bringing neighborhoods and people together. Using the facility helps them in their mission to do that, and helps you in your mission to get things accomplished.

Trade for Space

Do you know a business or non-profit who could benefit from your services? Trading your services for an extra empty office in their facility may be a great way to have your own office and still get things done. By offering your services at your full prices in exchange for the cost to rent an office there, you could have a win-win situation for both parties. This especially works well if the organization has a modern office space that would be appealing to potential clients for you.

I hope these places help you in your pursuit of new facilities to get work done. It can be difficult to find a good space on a tight budget, but with a little bit a creativity and the right resources, anyone can find the perfect place to work.

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