Pivot: 5 Free Ways to Leverage Your Skills and Experience to Generate Income




THE WORLD is in disarray!

Over the past year, thousands of people have lost their income, their stability, and their peace of mind trying to figure out what their next steps should be. Even more so, the only income many have had either disappeared or significantly decreased. However, what may look like a time of chaos and loss is actually a prime opportunity to innovate and excel into something new that could catapult your future. It’s time to PIVOT!
In over 10 years of teaching thousands of rising professionals and small business owners, I have identified five income opportunities that you can you start today to generate additional income that requires no previous experience!
Over five sessions, I will walk you step by step on how to generate money from each of these opportunities, how to set up the structure, and how to attract your first clients. If you are looking for a side hustle that requires little to no start-up capital, this training is for you!
Here is what it’s not:
-I am not talking about an MLM or direct selling. I actually have never done any of those in my life.
-These are not get-rich-quick schemes. What I will share takes time and consistency, but it works
– I am not here to waste your time. A lot of people are pitching and selling all kinds of things right now and I want to offer real advice you can use
-A sales pitch: I am not going to sell you anything. Just provide solutions
THE CLASS STARTS THE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE. Details will be e-mailed to those who registered. 
  • These will happen over 5 live Zoom sessions. I will make the recordings available only to those who registered (so if you miss a session, you can watch again).
  • The current price ($47) will only be available for 2 weeks. After that, it will go up to the normal price.
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